So I have my nifty new Mac Mini here with its internal SSD; and a new external 
HDD to be my primary external drive; and a couple of drives for backups.

LR and the current catalog are on the internal drive, and the photos are on the 
external drive (retrieved from a backup).

The photos are in hierarchical folders: Year / Month / Shoot (for example, 2016 
/ 2016-10 / Vancouver). They’re organized that way on the new external drive.

The problems are two (probably related):

First, I can only seem to link the catalog with the photos folder-by-folder, 
using the lowest folders in the hierarchy. There are hundreds of such folders. 
In a half-hour of work I managed to link about 500 of my 45,000 photos.

Second, I can’t get the hierarchical display of folders to display in the left 

There’s GOT to be a better way… I hope!

Any help appreciated.

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