Rick Womer wrote:

The problems are two (probably related):

First, I can only seem to link the catalog with the photos folder-by-folder, 
using the lowest folders in the hierarchy. There are hundreds of such folders. 
In a half-hour of work I managed to link about 500 of my 45,000 photos.

Second, I can’t get the hierarchical display of folders to display in the left 

There’s GOT to be a better way… I hope!

Any help appreciated.

I'm running Lightroom 6 but this should work across all of them.

My left panel has a Folders pane, and it has a triangle next to it that when it is clicked to point down, opens up a pane for each drive.

If that isn't what you see could you post a screen shot?

In your shoes what I'd do is:

0) close lightroom

1) go into finder and rename your recently worked catalog off as a backup, change it from foo to foo.orig

note that ~ is your home directory, i.e. on mine /Users/lrc
on yours it might be /Users/rick
on my system it's in

I'd change the directory in lr6_catalogs to 160701_working_temp_backup

2) copy your original catalog back into your catalogs directory so you're opening lightroom on your default directory as if you never changed anything

Now fire up lightroom. Note that steps 1&2 might not be necessary, so you could try skipping them at first.

3) Go to the left pane, try to expand the Folders pane

4) If that doesn't work, at the top of the left panel expand catalogs,
click on All photographs
(or just get some photograph in the center panel in grid view)

Right click on a photo and select Go to folder in library

At this point it should open up that image and the folder should be highlighted on the left. If it doesn't show the parent directories go to the top directory shown, right click on it and click on Show Parent Folder, repeat until it shows the root folder of your image directory tree.

That folder should show with a question mark.

Right click on it and then click on find missing folder, or something like that. Possibly you may need to right click on it and click on show in finder, but I think that only works on individual photos.

I hope this helps, or at least gets you closer. At the very least someone will read what I say and then post the correct answer because as they say the fastest way to get your question answered on the net is to post the wrong answer.


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