Being Mother's day, we went to the Letaba Camp picnic spot for a lunchtime braai. I took a few shots along the way:

Scroll L to see the 9 images.

The first 4 are of birds looking for tasty morsels at the picnic spot. There were also monkeys, squirrels & noisy francolin but I didn't get those.
No 5 is a tatty Zebra White butterfly on a wild flower.
No 6 is a Jacobin Cuckoo Fledgling which was being fed by its much smaller Arrow Marked Babbler host. No 7 shows the critically low level of the Letaba River which didn't flood this year. No 8 is a young Ellie crossing the road with a Mopane branch in its mouth. The bark is a sort of Ellie chewing gum. No 9 is a herd of Elephants cavorting at the North end of Sable Dam & blocking the road. When those two young bulls started advancing towards us, we decided it was time to beat a hasty retreat. This is the same place where I was "trapped" between over 100 Elephants earlier this year.

We had a wonderful outing & saw of other stuff too.

All with the K5v & HD 55-300.

Alan C

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