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I've been working on my kitchen for a couple of years now. Progress has been slow, but in the last week or so I've gotten a bit of work done.

I took these with the K-1 and my new smc PENTAX-D FA MACRO 100mmF2.8 WR

The house was built in 1936. I've written before this all started when a drain pipe rusted out inside the kitchen wall and emptied the contents of the kitchen sink into the basement when I went to drain it.

I had to tear the cabinets (such as they were) out to get into the wall and I found badly damaged flooring & sub-flooring. I'm pulling out all of the old flooring and all of the outside walls (interior) and replacing them after repairing the structural damage. I'm adding insulation while I do the outside walls.

The original sub-floors are 1x8 planks nailed on a 45° diagonal with wide oak tongue and groove flooring. I think it must have been beautiful when it was first installed.

Some time later the owners glued down some cheap linoleum on top of it. When that linoleum wore out, a new generation of owners tried to pry up the old linoleum and when that didn't work, they nailed down a thin plywood layer on top of the oak and glued down more cheap linoleum. You can see the residue of both layers in these images.

I'm pulling out the oak. Sad to say, I ruined a whole lot of it before I figured out what I was doing and learned the proper way to remove tongue and groove flooring. But, I'm salvaging what I can.

In its place I'm screwing down a 3/8 inch cement backer board & installing 5" ceramic tile. I found a great bargain on the tile & managed to get enough to do the whole kitchen at $0.59 per square foot. But it's a struggle working around the appliances, as I have to keep using the kitchen while I work.

I can only work a couple hours at a time before the stress makes me sick & as bad as it is, the kitchen isn't the biggest problem with the house right now. I try to plug away an hour or so at a time, sometimes getting three 1-2 hour sessions in per day.

I've got other photos of the work that I'll have to add to this album.

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