An update went to backers this morning. It had pictures showing the 
optics—which look good! all glass, multicoated and such—and fitment on a Leica 
M (very easy to do). The device is not as bulky as many seem to fear ... and, 
particularly on a Leica M, it looks like there will be no problem at all 
getting your eye to the viewfinder. 

I tell ya, if they do a good job on the implementation, this is going to be a 
fun thing to shoot with. They've made it to 70% of their funding goal already…

I want to fit it to my Leica M4-2 and put the Wide Angle Tri-Elmar-M 16-18-21mm 
f/4 ASPH on the camera for some ultra-wide instant square prints. I suspect 
there's fun to be had there! :)

"Aspera ad astra: If you cannot dream of the stars, how will you get to the 
grocery store?"


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