What kind of car?

I'm not in the market now, but *IF* I ever have to replace one I want to know if there's any I should eschew.

On 8/7/2018 05:04, Larry Colen wrote:
Ever since I replaced the motor in my car, I've been having coolant issues. There have been some leaky hoses, which were solved, then another would start leaking. One only leaked while under pressure, and that was a very fine pinhole stream.  For the most part there were no puddles under the car. There was no CO that showed up in the coolant. The compression test results were quite good, with only one cylinder being a few pounds higher than the rest.  The motor had the after market head gaskets, with the exposed bit (which showed they were replacements) looking quite clean, as if they had been replaced along with the new water pump and timing belt which I found when I took the front cover off.  A couple weeks ago, I gave up, and ordered the $300 worth of parts to replace the head gaskets. Money that I had "saved" when the motor was outside of the car and it would have been convenient.

I got the heads off last night and this morning, and sure enough there was signs of exhaust leaking into the water jacket, which would have pressurized the coolant and blown it out the overflow tank, just as it seemed.  The coolant system being basically sealed is why the leak didn't show up on the compression test.

Just to keep it on topic, here are some photos, devoid of artistic merit, of the cylinder heads etc.  I've got them pretty much cleaned up now, so with luck I'll have the car back together sometime tomorrow.


My whole experience with this car has been a continuing series of lessons on how expensive it can be to try to save money on cars, and especially car work.

Science - Questions we may never find answers for.
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