Hi Bill,
Profile I do not know, but lens naming I do as follows:

I have a picture taken with a K5 and this Sigma 10-20mm this name is not known by light room, When I read its metadata with the little program "PhotoMe", it shows lens ID: 3 44 When I import this photo into lightroom, the lens is named: "Sigma or Tamron lens"
Many Sigma lenses have the lens ID "3 44"

My understanding is that LR translates the ID "3 44" into the name "Sigma or Tamron lens"

LR uses its file "cameraraw.dll" to do this.

When I open this cameraraw file with the little program HxD, I found the "3 44" and the wording "Sigma or Tamron lens" (find the lens section by using the search function for "Sigma" or Pentax") As I have only one Sigma lens in possession with the ID "3 44" , I changed the wording in the cameraraw file in: "Sigma 10-20mm /4-5.6 EX" From now on, my pictures taken with this lens, get the correct name at importing.

I do this in lightroom CC clasic, but did it also in LR5.

In your case: find the lens code of your lens (with PhotoMe or other program). In the camera raw file, change the lens ID of a lens that you are not having or using.
See what name comes out when when importing a picture taken with that lens.
Change that name in the cameraraw file.
It can take some trial and error the get it right.
Greetz, Jos

On 8/10/2018 5:56 PM, Bill wrote:
I am using an old enough version of Lightroom that I cannot expect any more updates (camera raw 7), and my new D FA* 50mm lens is listed as "unknown". I found a profile writer on the Adobe website, but unfortunately, it is the wrong platform. My question is, how do I get Lightroom to identify my new lens correctly, or is this even possible?



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