Hi Bill,

I suspect someone on the list probably has a more detailed knowledge of this question. But maybe a small tidbit that I know could be helpful.

I am not sure what you meant by the "wrong platform": Mac vs. Windows or
LR CC vs earlier versions.

There is a tool "Adobe Lens Profile Creator" available for download for
both Mac and Windows:

What I don't know if this profile would work for the earlier versions of LR. More over, - I am not sure if this profile creator allows you to enter "unknown" lenses in the database. From what I understand, - it allows saving lens profiles for corrections in LR, but maybe it would also allow adding a new lens. You can try.




Bill Fri, 10 Aug 2018 08:57:46 -0700 wrote:

I am using an old enough version of Lightroom that I cannot expect any more updates (camera raw 7), and my new D FA* 50mm lens is listed as "unknown". I found a profile writer on the Adobe website, but unfortunately, it is the wrong platform. My question is, how do I get Lightroom to identify my new lens correctly, or is this even possible?



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