On 8/11/2018 21:32, Subash Jeyan wrote:
i did. mostly new threads started by one particular member messes up the
threading, probably because he starts a new thread by replying to an
existing thread and changing the subject, which i'll admit is as much a
valid way of starting new threads as any other. but it breaks the
thread in mail clients such as mine which sort threads by subject.

btw, i get none of your mails; they always end up in my gmail spam
folder. i do see them when someone replies to your mail though.

It's a known issue between Yahoo & Gmail. Yahoo broke something to do with mailing lists. Gmail can't cope.

You can create a filter in Gmail to tell it not to send emails to SPAM.

Create a new contact in Gmail for johnsessoms at yahoo dot com

Then go into Gmail settings and create a filter from the new contact and select "Never send it to Spam".


I guess someone will have to reply to and quote this message in its entirety before Dan & Subash can see it.

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