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Alan C <c...@lantic.net> wrote:

> More great shots, Subash. Interesting that the same species have 
> different common names in SA. Ours are all Monarchs. Your Plain Tiger
> is known as the African Monarch here & the dark blue Tiger as the
> Dappled Monarch (rare).

i just looked up the dark blue tiger and the dappled monarch. while
they appear the same, there are differences in the pattern in the wings
and the structure of the wings itself. the scientifc name of dark blue
iso Tirumala septentrionis, while yours is Tirumala petiverana. the same
genus but different family.... likewise the american monarch and our
tiger and probably your monarchs too...

> On 10-Sep-18 06:52 AM, Subash Jeyan wrote:
> > three of us had gone to veedur dam near chennai in the hopes of
> > seeing raptors. we just managed to sight one short-towed snake
> > eagle flying high above. but had plenty of luck with butterflies
> > though :)
> >
> > http://something-feathered.in/2018/09/10/8-butterflies-and-2-of-moths/
> >
> > gear: k5iis and the da 50-200 WR. a couple of them with the sigma
> > 150-500...
> >

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