This for me is a dilemma when shooting butterflies, whether to use a macro lens or a telelens, and APS-C or FF. Some butterflies allow you to get as close as 1/2 meter. However others in the field are easily disturbed if approaching. With a macro lens as the FA 100/2.8 or Tamron 90/2.8A, a high res APS-C camera  may be more suitable for its reach therefore than the K-1. And the effective resolution of the K-1 with a DA-lens may be about 16 MP, similar as of the K5, so not gaining anything.
Would be glad to hear experience from others.


Op 2018-09-10 om 13:53 schreef Subash Jeyan:
On Mon, 10 Sep 2018 07:24:58 -0400
"J.C. O'Connell" <> wrote:

nice. Does the DA 50-200 have a macro mode?
no. it has a close-focussing distance of about 1.1 metre. most of the
50-200 shots were taken with the K-x. i plan to use the fa 100/2.8 in
future, mostly with the K-x also.

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