At 09:06 PM 10/4/2018, Ann Sanfedele wrote:

>The key thing is multiple photos from different angles  - I wouldn't use a 
>grey background.

Ann - thanks for the suggestions. I've added a rear view. I used the grey 
background because it is what I have - I don't really have anyplace else 
without a lot of clutter behind the doll. Perhaps the darker gray flip side of 
the backdrop would work better (I have a darker grey drape for the Workmate as 
well). I don't think I need anything for scale for the "Brides of America" 
dolls as they are a well-known series, and the height will go in the listing 
anyway. There are several other dolls that are less well known and for those I 
think you are right and there should be something to show scale. I expect to 
take some more test shots before I am satisfied, but once I get the formula 
shooting the rest of the dolls should go quickly.

You mentioned condition, and these are excellent. They are single-owner and 
have lived in a closed display case for all of their lives out of the sunlight. 
I know that Mom kept the original boxes, packaging, certificates of 
authenticity and so on, but finding where in the house she stored them will be 
a chore. Both of my parents were pack rats and I inherited those genes.

>Auctioning them on ebay?

Yup - it has been a while since I sold anything there, but I need to start 
cleaning out this house. It was fine when my parents were alive (we got this 
house so I could care for them in their old age) but now that they are both 
gone I need to look forward. A four-bedroom three-full-bath house is too much 
house (and too much money) for a mostly retired bachelor. I have to clean it 
out before I can downsize.

Dale H. Cook, many years as 35mm SLR photographer,
now Pentax K-70 w/ Pentax-DA 18-270mm walking-
around lens or SMC Pentax-A 50mm/f2 lens 

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