another suggestion -since you are going for ebay -- you might want to do BIN or best offer instead of auctionformat..

You will still want to note size as part of the item specifics for the well known ones because there is always concernabout authenticity , even with this kind of thing

Ive got both auction and BINS/BO and most all of my sales over the last year have been best offers on fixed price...

ThIngs have changed a lot recently on ebay..mainly in terms of tightening up stuff but some of the changes are really annoying.

Good luck with em!


On 10/4/2018 9:55 PM, Dale H. Cook wrote:
At 09:06 PM 10/4/2018, Ann Sanfedele wrote:

The key thing is multiple photos from different angles  - I wouldn't use a grey 
Ann - thanks for the suggestions. I've added a rear view. I used the grey background 
because it is what I have - I don't really have anyplace else without a lot of clutter 
behind the doll. Perhaps the darker gray flip side of the backdrop would work better (I 
have a darker grey drape for the Workmate as well). I don't think I need anything for 
scale for the "Brides of America" dolls as they are a well-known series, and 
the height will go in the listing anyway. There are several other dolls that are less 
well known and for those I think you are right and there should be something to show 
scale. I expect to take some more test shots before I am satisfied, but once I get the 
formula shooting the rest of the dolls should go quickly.

You mentioned condition, and these are excellent. They are single-owner and 
have lived in a closed display case for all of their lives out of the sunlight. 
I know that Mom kept the original boxes, packaging, certificates of 
authenticity and so on, but finding where in the house she stored them will be 
a chore. Both of my parents were pack rats and I inherited those genes.

Auctioning them on ebay?
Yup - it has been a while since I sold anything there, but I need to start 
cleaning out this house. It was fine when my parents were alive (we got this 
house so I could care for them in their old age) but now that they are both 
gone I need to look forward. A four-bedroom three-full-bath house is too much 
house (and too much money) for a mostly retired bachelor. I have to clean it 
out before I can downsize.

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