Could I ask to see some sample code for the COM port commands?

I've searched the past few years help digests, and your guidance for Dr.
Rusciano (quoted below) is what I could find... I'd like to follow up.

The EMOTIV+ EEG software we have can listen to COM1 or COM2, and can take
in one code...  Thus far it only works (sending from another program,
SuperLab) when I set parity to odd.

The OpenCOMPort() command has parameters for number (do I just say "1" for
COM1?) and baud rate, but not sfaict for parity or handshaking.

I would really like to be able to present our stimuli using PEBL instead,
but clearly I could use some help with the serial port part.

Thanks for any help you can offer,

Anne G.


> For EEG, this really depends on how your system works, and what you are
> planning on doing..  You will typically want event markers
> (start-of-trial, etc.) that are synched to your eeg log.  I've used
> parallel and serial ports (and the ftdi emulator) to do this sort of thing
> before, and it is pretty straightforward, but you would need to implement
> it yourself and add the signalling to the PEBL script.  If you are
> interested in only a spatial map, it might be good enough to synchronize
> the data sequences at the beginning so you know when the trials were
> happening, and can do proper subtractive methods.
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