Gary Richmond and I will be looking into preserving it. Meanwhile I visited both and and made sure that every page that i could find would be saved by the Wayback Machine if it was not already saved there. The majority turned out to be unsaved. Page-by-page saving on the Wayback Machine is slower than trying to get the whole site to be saved at once but (A) I don't know how to do the latter and (B) I suspect that page-by-page is more reliable. A lot of Zeman's pages were documentation his Existential Gra[ph programs, programs that maybe are obsolete, I have no idea.

Some things need repairing at Zeman's sites. Page-finding javascript seems not to work. Some text characters are formatted with the Symbols font which seems never to work in current browsers (and of course current Unicode characters are adequate to replace the Symbols font characters but somebody has to actually do it).

Best, Ben

On 10/13/2016 8:25 PM, Jeffrey Brian Downard wrote:
Hello John,

Over the years, I have found Jay Zeman's website to be remarkably helpful--both 
for thinking about Peirce's philosophical ideas generally, and also for 
understanding the existential graphs in particular. Given the value that it 
might have for future generations of students, is there any way that it might 
be preserved as a website? If there is a need to take down that particular 
site, would it be possible to upload the materials onto another site?



Jeffrey Downard
Associate Professor
Department of Philosophy
Northern Arizona University
(o) 928 523-8354
From: John F Sowa []
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2016 12:18 PM
To: Peirce-L;
Subject: [PEIRCE-L] Jay Zeman

Jay Zeman died.  As a remembrance, his wife Norma sent the attached
photo, which shows Jay contemplating a painting that illustrates
a quotation by Peirce.

His web site will remain available for another year.  Anybody who
is interested in his work and related material by and about Peirce
should visit it and download whatever they may find interesting.
It's especially important for existential graphs.

John Sowa

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