On 10/17/2016 3:15 AM, Dau, Frithjof wrote:
I own www.existential-graph.org (for about two decades now...)
and I would be more than pleased to offer somespace on my site.

That's an excellent idea.  It would be important to combine Jay's EG
material and related work on EGs on a site that has a knowledgeable
caretaker to update and maintain it.  It would also be useful to add
other EG resources (or their URLs) to the site.

Another point:  If you allow a domain name to elapse, it is usually
bought by people who use it for advertising totally unrelated
material -- frequently intermixed with URLs for porn, gambling, etc.
They are always willing to sell the domain names, but the amount
that they charge is far more than the cost of registering the name.

Therefore, it's important to keep Jay's EG domain name and have
both names linked to the unified site.  Jay's web site at the
university will not be hijacked because the university owns the
parent domain, but they usually drop the web page after a few years.

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