On 4/8/2018 4:12 PM, Jerry LR Chandler wrote:
I am particular anxious to compare his vision of logic to that of CSP,
Whitehead, Tarski, Beziau, and others.

Actually, he doesn't go into that much detail about any particular
version of logic.  He is mainly talking about psychological issues,
and he likes Peirce's EGs because they reinforce his own emphasis
on the importance of diagrams and mental models.

I keep finding specialists in various branches of cognitive science
who are closing in on topics that Peirce had developed in detail.

Philip J-L wrote his major book on Mental Models in 1983.  If he had
come across Peirce's graphs about 20 years earlier, he might have
done much more with them -- especially in guiding his students.

I believe there are many people like that.  It's important to find
them earlier -- for example, when they're looking for a thesis topic.

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