The Germans had a word for such movements of entire populations out of the
cities, Michael, I think they called it "das endliche losung" - and, just
think, they were fed and clothed during the entire ride.

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> I thought that Jim, Thiago, and Max answered Steve quite well.  Chomsky
> was not concerned about defending Cambodia, only trying to show the
> hypocracy of the US.  Once in France, I saw a very interesting Yugoslavian
> documentary on Cambodia.  It made the case that Pol Pot had to move the
> people out of the cities in order to avoid starvation.  It did not defend
> the massacres, nor would anyone on this list.
> To say that Iraq before the Gulf War had some success in developing health
> and education does not make someone a supporter of SH.  All too often in
> political discourse to say a positive word about any of today's demons,
> makes one an agent of the devil.
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