Shell scripting is just that.  Scripting.  Its difficult to make
reusable code and even more difficult to extend.  Perl is a full
featured programming language.  It works wells with the UNIX Shell and
is often used in place of scripting languages.  I got my start
converting shell scripts to perl scripts.  Today, I program in perl.  I
have all the luxuries of a full featured programmming language with the
overwhelmingly fast development time of a shell scripting language.

Besides, ask your colleagues to add logging facilities to their scripts,
then ask them to log to a DB.  Point the to the CPAN for a while.

If you do start employing perl, start out on the right foot, use strict
and use warnings (-w) and have your colleagues do the same.  You'll reap
the rewards the first time you have to go back and edit some of their

Really, what arguments do they have to stick to ksh?

On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 04:19:44PM -0500, Esposito, Anthony wrote:
>    How would you convince someone that programming in Perl is better than
>    using the UNIX Korn Shell?
>    I need some `intellectual ammo' to convince my colleagues that Perl is
>    a   better,   more  powerful  language,  to  do  our  scripting.   Any
>    suggestions?  J
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