On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 04:19:44PM -0500, Esposito, Anthony wrote:
> How would you convince someone that programming in Perl is better than
> using the UNIX Korn Shell? 
> I need some 'intellectual ammo' to convince my colleagues that Perl is a
> better, more powerful language, to do our scripting.  Any suggestions?
> :-)

AFAIK ksh doesn't have anything like modules or CPAN.  You could start
there.  Nor does ksh have anything like perlmonks.  Nor are there
proverbial butt-loads of books on ksh.  ksh's regular expression
features aren't anywhere near as rich as Perl's (but whose is?)  Also,
last time I checked (it's been years) ksh was *much* slower than Perl.
But don't hold too much stock in that notion as implementations do
vary.  If you're going to pull the speed card, benchmark the two on the
systems you are using.

As far as raw language features goes, you'll probably get bogged into a
Turing equivalence argument fairly quickly. Especially since David Korn
himself has said things like "ksh has replaced perl for most of our
needs" (or words to that effect). One thing you might want to do (in the
spirit of holding your enemies closer) is look at the ksh advocacy and
see where it falls short. For instance:

hope this helps,

Jonathan Scott Duff

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