John E Guillory schreef op do 29-05-2014 om 21:13 [+0000]:
> “Warnings detected: Entirely empty subfield found in tag 260”

An entirely empty subfield is an illegally formatted thing, at least
according to the rules of MARC::Record/MARC::Field, and so I assume the
MARC format itself. So it's not that it's a required field or anything
like that, it's that the USMARC is incorrectly formatted, so the parser
throws an exception with 'die'.

To catch the exception rather than having your program terminate, you
need to wrap the call that's failing in an 'eval' block, and check for
errors after it, handling them appropriately. You might be lucky and the
file is OK and the parser can continue, however you might be unlucky and
this corrupt record causes the parser to get confused and it can't find
the start of the next record.

See 'perldoc -f eval' for more information on using it for
error/exception handling.

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