Thanks for your ideas. I will try your suggestions.


From: Timothy Prettyman []
Sent: Friday, May 30, 2014 11:39 AM
To: perl4lib
Subject: Re: sending marc records into a script that uses MARC::Batch

I think you have to check for warnings as you read each record, so try moving 
your error handing code right after the batch->next() call.  But Robin's 
suggestion is good advice, and is probably a more robust way to handle the crud 
that can show up in a file of marc records.


On Fri, May 30, 2014 at 5:20 AM, Stefano Bargioni 
<<>> wrote:
If I'm not wrong,
will avoid your loop to print warnings and stop processing records.
HTH. Stefano

On 29/mag/2014, at 23.13, John E Guillory wrote:

Thanks Timothy for your help.

When processing about 5 million records I would expect some crazy records. The 
new script (incorporating Timothy’s  suggestions) exited prematurely on record 
85,877 with: “Warnings detected: Entirely empty subfield found in tag 260”. I 
know 260 is publication stuff but it’s not “required”.  I’m deliberately 
printing warnings but again the script exited prematurely.

Thanks for assistance.

From: Timothy Prettyman [<>]
Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2014 11:23 AM
To: John E Guillory
Subject: Re: sending marc records into a script that uses MARC::Batch

For your first question, instead of:

 $batch = MARC::Batch->new(‘USMARC’,<STDIN>);


 $batch = MARC::Batch->new(‘USMARC’,STDIN);

For your second, the error is likely caused when a field you're using 
as_string() on doesn't exist in the record.

So, you could do something like the following:

$field                 = $record->field('008');
$field or do {                                          # check for existence 
of field
   print "no 008 field for record\n";            # no field
   next;                                                  # skip the field (or 
$field_008             = $field->as_string();

Hope this helps


Timothy Prettyman
LIT/Library Systems
University of Michigan

On Thu, May 29, 2014 at 12:08 PM, John E Guillory 
<<>> wrote:
Two questions please:

1.      I’ve written a script that opens a marc file for reading using this 

$file = $ARGV[0];
$batch = MARC::Batch->new('USMARC',$file);

It then loops thru the records using this syntax:
while ( $record = $batch->next()) {
         …..check position 6, 7 of leader and position 23 of 008 and make some 

This works great. However, instead of accessing the file this way, I want to 
pipe the output of a previously run marc dump command directly into this script 
via the pipe.
I understand that this can be done using this syntax:    while ($line 
=<STDIN>){ …}, but I don’t understand how to use that STDIN with 
“MARC::Batch->new(‘USMARC’,$file);”    This does not work:    $batch = 

2.      My current script successfully reads and processes a marc file of over 
5 gigs!....but exits entirely on record 160,585 with the error from 
MARC::Batch, “Can't call method "as_string" on an undefined value at 
./<>”.  Documentation on using MARC::Batch 
says that to tell it to continue processing even when errors are encountered 
one should use strict_off(), then print/report warnings at the bottom of the 
script. I don’t think my particular error is being handled by the strict_off() 
setting. Doesn’t anybody know what causes/how to fix “Can’t call method 
as_string?” error? Full script below—it’s pretty short, thanks to MARC::Batch.

Thanks for ensights!

use MARC::Batch;

$file = $ARGV[0];

$batch = MARC::Batch->new('USMARC',$file);
$batch->strict_off();    # otherwise script exits when encounters errors


while ( $record = $batch->next()) {
    $leader                = $record->leader();
    $leader_pos_6          = substr($leader,6,1);
    $leader_pos_7          = substr($leader,7,1);

    $field                 = $record->field('008');
    $field_008             = $field->as_string();
    $field_008_position_23 = substr($field_008,23,1);

if ( ($leader_pos_6 eq "a") && ($leader_pos_7 eq "m") && 
($field_008_position_23 eq "o") || ($field_008_position_23 eq "s") ) {

       $control_num        = $record->field('001');
       $control_num        = $control_num->as_string();

       print "008 position 23: $field_008_position_23 \n";
       print "OLD leader: $leader \n";
       $old_leader = $leader;
       substr($leader,6,1) = 'm';
       print "NEW leader: $leader \n";

       print OUT $record->as_usmarc();
      print "$control_num|$old_leader|$leader|$field_008\n";

} else {  # not a match so just print this one unchanged…
       print OUT $record->as_usmarc();


# handles errors:
if (@warnings = $batch->warnings()) {
     print "\n Warnings detected: \n", @warnings;


John Guillory
Louisiana Library Network

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