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From: Robin Sheat []
Sent: Friday, June 06, 2014 5:11 AM
To: perl4lib
Subject: Converting MARC fields with Catmandu - repeated subfields being 
squished together.

I'm using catmandu to JSON-ise MARC records for storage in
Elasticsearch, and seem to have come up with something that I can't
readily see how to fix (without getting down and dirty with fixers.)

I have a record that has this:

["650"," ","0","a","Time","v","Pictorial works","v","Juvenile

and a mapping:

marc_map('650v', 'subject.$append')

This works well enough in most cases, however when the subfield is
doubled up, I end up with:

"subject":["Time","Pictorial worksJuvenile literature."]

The $append doesn't seem to apply in this case. This only seems to
happen to repeats within a field, other 650$v subfields are in their own
strings, though suffer the same problem.

Is this a bug in Catmandu-MARC? I've tried reading the file,
but the lack of internal documentation, and the nature of what it's
doing make it not the easiest thing to understand.

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