Patrick Hochstenbach schreef op wo 11-06-2014 om 07:44 [+0200]:
> You just might need to upgrade your Catmandu ("cpan Catmandu") to get the 
> fixed. You are probably using 0.9* syntax features with an older version of 
> Catmandu.

Ah, turns out I was on an 0.8 version, from around a month ago.

Unfortunately building the new version is going to be difficult as it
requires YAML::XS, and that has some /weird/ build conditions, like
requiring to be in a git repo and a specific branch. I'll see how I go.

> You might want to join our librecat-dev mailing list where we regulary post 
> update and discuss technicall issues:

Cheers, I'll do that.

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