Hi Robin

You just might need to upgrade your Catmandu ("cpan Catmandu") to get the 
fixed. You are probably using 0.9* syntax features with an older version of 

As for you second question. Yes, in Catmandu 0.9* all these combinations will 

    my $fixer = Catmandu->fixer('do_this()', 'do_that()');
    my $fixer = Catmandu->fixer(['do_this()', 'do_that()']);
    my $fixer = Catmandu->fixer(<<EOF);
    my $fixer =  Catmandu->fixer('fix.txt');  with fix.txt a file with the fixes
    my $fixer =  Catmandu->fixer('name'); with 'name' as a section in a 
catmandu.yml configuration file

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From: Robin Sheat [ro...@catalyst.net.nz]
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2014 4:44 AM
To: perl4lib
Subject: Converting MARC fields with Catmandu - 'unless exists' failing.

I'm attempting to have a fixer that says "if this field hasn't already
been set, set it to "0", so I have:

unless exists('onloan')
   add_field('onloan', '0')

This causes the error:

can't load fix unless exists('onloan')
   add_field('onloan', '0')
: coercion for "_fixer" (constructor argument: "fix") failed: Bareword found 
where operator expected at (eval 85) line 2, near ")

It's possibly of note that the following from the cheat sheet fails

unless exists('oogly')
  upcase('foo') # foo => 'bar'

with the same form of error. (Also, that comment is probably incorrect.)

A related question:

When I have a fixer like this that is three lines long, and I'm passing
in an array of fixers to the Catmandu::Fix constructor, what do I do
with the multiline ones? Should it be three strings in the array, should
it one string all on one line, or should it be one string with embedded

When I try the final option, I get the error:

Unsuccessful stat on filename containing newline at 
/usr/share/perl5/Catmandu/Fix/Loader.pm line 33.

which is a standard Perl exception when you do a file operation on a
string with a \n anywhere that fails.

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