Aaron Sherman skribis 2005-04-11 14:49 (-0400):
> Yes, but it will be spelled:
>       use $*LANG ;-)
> Seriously, is there some reason that we would not provide a
> "Language::Russian" and "Language::Nihongo"? Given Perl 6, it would even
> be quite valid for those modules to add aliases for all of the core
> functions and keywords, not just global variables.

Because providing it leads to its use, and when it gets used, knowing
English is no longer enough.

I have some code that uses Dutch variable names. When I show that code
to people who can't read any Dutch, they have a hard time finding out
what it does and how it works. If even builtin functions become
unfamiliar, this figuring out becomes impossible instead of hard,
without learning the language it's written in.

English sucks in many interesting ways, but at least it's a de facto
standard and documentation will be available in it.

I'm not even sure I like the *possibility* of using non-ascii letters in
identifiers, even.

As a 12-year old, I used several BASIC dialects. One time I found a
Dutch BASIC. It had "TOON" instead of "PRINT", and "INVOER" instead of
"INPUT". Even though these words were in my own language, I found using
them hard just because I was used to something entirely different. 

You could say it only takes some getting used to, but it's easier to get
used to one language than to all languages a grammar exists for.

And even though I knew when I wrote it that it was a mistake, I used
esperato identifiers in Lingua::EO::Supersignoj. You can't imagine how
often I've used "new" instead of "nova" since I released that. A next
version is going to have English as the primary language, even though I
love Esperanto.

I do think translating *documentation* is a very good idea. But please
let that be an official project, with lots and lots of committers,
because every one-man translation operation eventually dies.


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