Nicholas Clark skribis 2005-04-12 14:34 (+0100):
> > Yes, should. That's ideology, though.
> I read "should" as a danger word. It's often person A describing a desirable
> feature and intimating that unspecified other people B-Z ought to be
> implementing it.

Please note that I try to not think about who's going to implement it at
all. That makes being creative and coming up with good ideas much, much

Yes, if it is done, people are indeed involved, but if we all agree that
something must happen, that's not terribly relevant. And before we can
agree, someone must first let it enter discussion.

> Translation isn't programming, so it's unlikely to be as appealing to
> the majority of the community involved in Perl 6 currently.

If it wasn't for all the pain in my wrists, hands and arms, I would
already have translated perldocs and Beginning Perl (1st ed.) to Dutch.
And I can't imagine I'm the only language nerd who also understands
Perl. Translations work well for lots of other software, and I don't see
why software for programming languages would be any different.

> Would you be volunteering to organise this?

When/if I have the time and health to spend on it, certainly. This is
one of the many things I'd love to do, but at the moment can't.

> There is no "they" department in a volunteer organisation - stuff
> happens because people care about it enough to do it themselves.

Of course there is a they. Many of them even. Let me list a few groups
of people commonly referred to as "they":

    * parrot people
    * @Larry
    * perldoc/doc/kwid people
    * p6l people
    * the people who will be writing perl6

I'm one of the people who has ideas but is currently unable to help
implementing them. I can discuss them, though, and I hope that my input
can somehow, even though I'm not writing any code, help make Perl 6
a great language. For me, there is a very large "they", and without them,
there'd never be a Perl 6.

If stuff is only happening because people care about it, then my
approach should be to try and make people care, and a mailing list like
this is a perfect medium for that.


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