On Sat, May 14, 2005 at 04:22:44PM +1000, Adam Kennedy wrote:
: >The obvious way to do it is to declare the invocant.
: Wasn't one of the original headline features for Perl 6 not having to do 
: that any more for basic normal code? Or at least from a couple of damian 
: talks it was one of the things that practically _everybody_ wanted.

Sure, but if you're going to appeal to history, I'll point out
that we're basically back to the original design where the implicit
invocant is bound to $_, and if you rebind $_ to a different topic,
you either have to use $?SELF, or you should have made other provision
for getting to the invocant, which is any of 1) an explicit invocant
declaration, 2) a pragma, 3) a macro, or 4) a grammar mod.


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