I also like this notation.

However, as a side note, let me voice the opinion that the "bad reputation" of Perl partially comes from the fact that it often looks like line noise. I think everybody know this. Now there has been a lot of discussion on finding different meanings for any two-character combinations of ^/[EMAIL PROTECTED]&~{}\ (I am sorry to say it that way). As a Perl programmer I like this, but I am afraid that other programmers of different languages ("...who will burn in Hell..." :-)), or newcommers to Perl6 will have trouble even to pick up the basics. But again, this is just a side note.

In this particular case, I like ./method because I don't like $?SELF.method, which looks like my terminal is in UTF-8 and there is an ISO-8859-2 character between $ and SELF :-))

- Cs.

A few days ago, when typing ./pugs,... You can guess the rest :)

I suggest


to mean $?SELF.method, and


Your opinions please! (I ask those who already responded off-list, to
repeat their opinion here)


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