Juerd wrote:
If you want access, please let me know. I will send you a temporary
password by e-mail, that I expect you to change the first time you get
the chance.

I would like an account, name 'spinclad'.

The need for svn, ghc and such has finally pushed me to upgrade my home debian box to sarge, and I'm still looking for a package with ghc6.4, or the tuits to build one myself. (Doubtless someone will point me to an overlooked message announcing one months back...) I think having a joint testbed machine to look over, test things, compare with home, and help with would be a good use of my time at this point.

Also, this new machine needs a hostname. Please help me think of a cute
name! I prefer a short hostname with less than 9 letters.

I like onion, too... maybe 'geode' later, when perl6 has been cast in stone. (Though then we wouldn't need a dev server...)

 Roger Hale

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