David Storrs asked:

If you want a multiway zip with differing fillins, can't you do this?

@foo = 1..10 ¥:fill(0) 'a'..c' ¥:fill('x') ¥ 1..50;

I don't think that works. For example, why does the :fill(0) of the first ¥ apply to the 1..10 argument instead of to the 'a'..'c' argument? Especially when it's the 'a'..'c' argument that's the shorter of the two!

Besides which, adverbs, being optional, come at the end of an operator's argument list. Moreover, it's unclear to me where how they are applied at all to an n-ary operator like ¥.

On top of which, even if it did work, that formulation doesn't help at all if you don't have Unicode available and are therefore forced to use C<zip>.

Assuming, of course, that it is possible to stick an adverb on the op as I was requesting.

My recollection is that $Larry has previously said that this is not the case...that adverbs are suffixed.


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