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Perl does have CPAN, but the problem is that there are no standard
modules, and so there can be several modules doing the same thing.

And what is the problem with that?

The problem may be that it doesn't work everywhere.  What I find
exciting about parrot is that (it sounds like to me) you'll be able to
run a perl6 file anywhere that has parrot, much like Java.  I think
what Markus is getting at is for there to be a way to display graphics
through parrot everywhere parrot runs as well.  Yes, different modules
are extremely important, because the programmer deserves a choice, but
some modules run someplaces, others run other places - it'd be a good
thing to have the absolute bare essentials run everywhere.

Yes, I forgot to mention why I think it's a problem to have several modules to do the same thing - there's likely no single module which works everywhere.

I'm not completely sure if it would be worth the trouble to support only most primitive graphical commands "in core", (no windows, etc..), and leave the rest to the modules (or to the programmer).

In this case the program could test for the existence of a certain module (wxWidgets, SDL_perl, whatever) and use that if it's available, and to use more primitive routine based on supported commands in core for those cases where better module is not available.

Currently, in perl5, if there is no graphical module available (either platform not (yet) supported, or module not installed), the program can't do anything but to use text-mode console.

Markus Laire

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