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> > > >Feel free to add your own, or fears you heard about!
> FEAR: Perl6 internals will be just as inaccessable as p5

paradox. Many people don't find perl5 inaccessible at all

> FEAR: The Perl6 process is driving away too many good developers

From what?

> FEAR: Perl6 will not be as portable as p5

I will subscribe to that fear, but only for now.

> FEAR: Perl6 will not be able to fix the stigma of "just a scripting
> language" or "line noise"

perl5 has never been "just a scripting language"

> FEAR: Perl6 is un-necessary and the time, money, and resources is impacting
> p5.

very untrue. And this does not sound like a FEAR, but more like an opinion

> FEAR: There is too much misinformation surrounding Perl6 for people to feel
> comfortable.
> This last fear is likely the reason why you are collecting this list. I
> think the biggest problem is accessability and visibility for the casual
> observer. Unless you are devoted to the list and the IRC channels and the
> conferences your perception of what "is" and "isn't" Perl6 is out of date.
> We don't have a single source where people can go for relatively "up to the
> minute" facts concerning the project.
> Juerd

My only current fear is that I won't live long enough to be able to use and
understand the full richness of what perl6 is going to offer me.

(Oh, and that perl6 will never be able to upgrade my scripts that use
'format', but I'm aware of the plan to make that `obsolete' as in: the
perl526 translator will dump core on those)

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