Joshua Gatcomb skribis 2005-10-25  8:30 (-0400):
> IIRC, Andy has taken up the Perl6 PR hat. I think Juerd should like be
> working with Andy on this one. The rebuttals to these fears needs to be well
> thought out and convincing because from my personal experience they are
> prevalent.

I'll work with anyone, but I do believe in collaborative editing. That's
why I put it in pugs' svn, so that everyone can help.

If this list of fears is ever used for more official purposes (not my
original intent), like putting it online as an article, of course PR
people must be involved.

For now, if Andy wants to change anything, he is free to do so, like
everyone else. If he thinks I shouldn't continue without his approval,
he knows where to find me.

So far, most of my subprojects have been undiscussed before they
started. It has all worked out well. If anyone objects, please do let me
know. But if you want me to discuss things beforehand, people better be
reachable and responding, because I generally lose interest if I don't
get started within a few days. That kind of thing has been a problem
with other projects, and I love how Perl 6 development is so open and
free, focussed on fun and a common goal, rather than bureaucracy and
people wearing very specifically coloured hats :)


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