>>>>> "DB" == Daniel Brockman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

  DB> You may be right about this.  I would be happy if the
  DB> standard distribution came with a package that enabled the
  DB> hyphenated identifiers syntax in the lexical block:

  DB>    use hyphenated_identifiers;

  DB> Hopefully the name of that package won't actually have
  DB> any underscores in it.

this idea would need to be worked out in much greater detail. there are
many different identifiers in perl. would all of them be subject to this
change? how would a global work if some other module refered to it using
underscores but your module used hyphens? would your pragma just do a
compile time translation of - to _ when inside identifiers? what about
in eval or symrefs? would the translation be done at runtime then? how
could that be handled in a lexical way if the foo-name is passed to another
module which hadn't used the pragma? or would all symbol lookups just
tr/-/_/ beforehand? but that can't be easily controlled in a lexical

and i know how you feel about wanting - vs. _ but i have it the other
way around. i much prefer _ since it maked the words more readable as _
sorta disappears in the baseline. but then i hate list too so that
influences me a trifle. :)

but the sickest thing i have done is to remap _ to - and back inside
emacs. this was so typing -> is done with both keys shifted and i typed
that too often. also that made writing foo_bar easier. so my brain has
to swap then when inside emacs vs everywhere else. makes for some odd
homicidal twitching sometimes (especially when anyone else dares to type
into my emacs :).

anyhow, my main point is that IMO this has too many problems with both
syntax and unknown semantics that are sure to make some large fraction
of us very mad. perl has its style and that it _ for word
separation. the evil studly caps is used for module names only (where it
does seem to work better than _ would. or maybe we are just so used to
it by now). trying to change that in a scoped way will only cause pain
somewhere else.


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