On Wed, Nov 23, 2005 at 10:45:21AM -0800, Mark A. Biggar wrote:
: Actually I like that and think that ^$x should be 0..($x-1) and that 
: [EMAIL PROTECTED] should be define to return the array's index set (usually 
: 0..$#foo) but maybe something else for a non-zero based array.

Well, as I said in my other reply, that's not a big problem for
1-dimensional arrays.  But it does possibly make sense that ^ on a
multidimensional array or hash would return a zip of all the key sets.
Plus it generalizes ^%hash to mean %hash.keys.

Flipping it the other way, does that argue that 5.keys means 0..4?  Hmm.
Doesn't do much for me.

One of the other reasons I like ^5 is that the uparrowness of it
naturally reads as "up to 5".  But for containers we could certainly
abstract it out to the domain.


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