On Wed, 23 Nov 2005, Peter Scott wrote:

It seems strange to have a shortcut for 0..$n-1 but no shortcut for 0..$n.

IMHO the former is much more useful and common. Mathematically (say, in combinatorics or however dealing with integers) when I happen to have to do with a set of $n elements chances are to a large extent that it is either 0..$n or 1..$n; 0..$n may lead to confusion since it it actually has $n+1 elements.

My fiancee asked me to do invitations, and she's going to get it
done the right way -- the TeX way.
Good choice.  One would never want to go through the same thing again
for a divorce.  Better than rings and vows.
- David Kastrup in comp.text.tex, "Re: Simple Wedding Invitations in LaTeX2e"

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