On 2/8/06, Yuval Kogman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> If Audrey is willing, I think a correct new direction for pugs is to
> try and separate the parts even more - the prelude is a mess right
> now, many of it's part are duplicated across the backends, the
> standard library that is mashed into the prelude, and into pugs core
> itself, etc.

Er, of course I'm willing, that was exactly we've been moving toward
in the recent weeks. :-)

Though an explicit Standard Library design -- as compared to Perl5's which was
grown out gradually by the porters and CPAN folks -- is tricky, and I'm not
yet ready for that, lacking a practical understanding of how module interfaces
and roles can be applied to this diverse design space.

So I will be focusing on Prelude (the part of the language that always gets
loaded by default) refactoring as well as providing an OO core calculus that can
support this, and take advantage of the target VM's vast library instead of
writing them in Perl 6, at least up until 6.2831 (the primary target
VM is Perl 5,
then Parrot, then JavaScript.)

But if you'd like to work on the standard library -- well, you have a
commit bit. :-)


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