* Stevan Little ([EMAIL PROTECTED]) [060305 02:49]:
> On 3/4/06, Mark Overmeer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Could we try to kind-of pre-register name-spaces for perl6 modules?

> There is no need to do such a thing, we have the 3 level naming scheme
> in Perl 6 now.
> Foo-0.0.1-cpan:JRANDOM

I know about the naming scheme, but I am not really looking forward
to the two new perl books "Perl DBI-(Any)-cpan:TIMB"
                      and "Perl DBI-(Any)-mailto:[EMAIL PROTECTED]"

That you have the possibility to work your way out in namespace clashes
shouldn't directly mean that you let them happen easily.  I would really
like to maintain a certain hierarchical name-space structure on CPAN, where
we strive for unique names, although can work around accidental collissions.

An other reason to have a kind of module/namespace pre-registration is to
see who is (planning to go) working on what.  I think that's needed on the

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