Mark Overmeer schreef:
> Ruud H.G. van Tol:

>> [aliases next to hierarchical names]
>> @alias::HTTPD::Session -> Apache::Session
>> HTTPD::Session -> Apache::Session
> Well, that's a technical solutions... your fill the name-space even
> more:

I can see no harm in that.

> the larger the harder to grasp.

I normally use search as the first step. Only then I look around for
similar names. So aliases would bring more home for me.

> In general, it has many
> benefit to pick one name, and solve everything else via a searching
> mechanism like

I agree with that.

I am currently building a photo classification system. Each photo is
more or less unique, it has a unique identification code, and a short
and a long description. Both descriptions may even be left empty. The
classification is with keywords (or rather phrases, like 'marble hall').
A search on '+"marble hall" modern' (or: '+marble.hall modern') returns
all 'marble hall' photos, with the 'modern' ones on top. The list of
key-phrases is extensible and supposed to remain limited, but of course
a user can let it grow out of hand as well.

Grtz, Ruud

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