Patrick R. Michaud wrote:
> But if one is going to go this route (and I'm not sure that we should),
> then when the delimiter is absent have the comment terminate at
> the first non-whitespace character.

...which makes "#.\s" good only for inserting whitespace where it
normally wouldn't belong.  On the one hand, there's something nice

>     $x#.        .foo()
>     $x#.        .()
>     $x#.        ()

instead of

>     $x#.
>     $x#.        ..()
>     $x#.        .()

OTOH, wasn't the whole point to get away from "long dot is a special
case"?  Though having the "long dot" as a special case of the
"delimited comment" concept, rather than being a "raw special case",
is more acceptable to my mind.

Jonathan Lang

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