On Fri, Apr 07, 2006 at 06:31:44PM -0700, Jonathan Lang wrote:
: Delimiter-terminated quotes.  Really nice idea.
: I'd put the dot inside the comment: "#.x", with x being an optional
: quote delimiter (excluding dots).  If a delimiter is included, the
: comment is terminated by the matching quote delimiter; if absent, the
: comment is terminated by the next dot.
:   $x#.[    ].foo();
:   $x.#.[    ]foo();
:   $x#.   ..foo();
:   $x.#.   .foo();
: would all become
:   $x.foo();
: The third form would be legal, if a bit illegible.

I really prefer the form where .#() looks like a no-op method call,
and can provide the visual dot for a postfix extender.  It also is
somewhat less likely to happen by accident the #., I think.  And I
think the front-end shape of .# is more recognizable as different
from #, while #. requires a small amount of visual lookahead, and
is the same "square" shape on the front, and could easily be confused
with a normal line-ending comment.


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