On 4/8/06 6:29 AM, Damian Conway wrote:
> I'm not enamoured of the .# I must confess. Nor of the #. either.

Thank goodness...I was beginning to think it was only me!

> Though, frankly, every one of the alternatives proposed so far is so ugly that
> I seriously doubt that anyone will actually want to use them

Agreed, especially...

> ...when there are cleaner alternatives for aligning postfixes already
> standard in the language: [...]
>          foo    $obj: $arg  =  $get_foo(     $arg );
>          barb   $obj: $arg  =  $get_barb(    $arg );
>          bazaar $obj: $arg  =  $get_bizarre( $arg );
> Maybe we're trying too hard to let people have their postfix dotted space
> (and eat it too).

I could almost swallow #[ ... ] as a multi-line comment...almost.  The
others with the dot just rub me the wrong way.


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