Damian Conway wrote:

 Larry wrote:

> I really prefer the form where .#() looks like a no-op method
> call, and can provide the visual dot for a postfix extender. It
> also is somewhat less likely to happen by accident the #., I
> think. And I think the front-end shape of .# is more
> recognizable as different from #, while #. requires a small
> amount of visual lookahead, and is the same "square" shape on the
> front, and could easily be confused with a normal line-ending
> comment.

 I'm not enamoured of the .# I must confess. Nor of the #. either. I
 wonder whether we need the dot at all. Or, indeed, the full power
 of arbitrary delimiters after the octothorpe.

How committed are we to spaces?

If we impose an adjacent-space requirement on the range operators, we
could just repeat dots endlessly:

given ($x) { when (0 .. 9) {...}}

$obj..............method();  # These line up in proportional font. Sorry.

Frankly, I don't line up my method calls like this, so it's not much
of a concern. But I also use spaces around operators, so I'm okay with
my coding style becoming syntax. :)


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