I didn't see this going back, sorry if I missed someone sending the mail.

There was a discussion on IRC on Sept 9th about the -X filetest operators between at least audreyt, Juerd, myself and markstos. The problem with these operators was that they conflicted in some cases with the parsing of unary -, such as:

        foo(-π * 2 * $r);

or just:

        sub x($n) { $n*2 }
        foo(-x $number);

To make this easier, it was proposed that:

1. All file tests have long names as methods which P6 prefers:


2. That these methods be provided on Str, any IO that knows how to find its filesystem represenation, File* where applicable.

3. Test-like name be provided with leading _ instead of -:

        while _e $file {...}
        while $file._e {...}

4. They *might* be deprecated or have a "strict" mode associated.

5. There may or may not be value in providing method-like "-" names:


6. (my note) the long methods should be provided as an option export from a File::... module.

That was what we had so far.

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