I still don't think we have a consensus that grep needs to be renamed,
much less what it should be renamed to. To me, "keep" implies throwing
the rest away,I.e., modifying the list.  "Select" has the advantage of
lacking that connotation. To avoid dissonance with the two perl5
"select"s, we could go with a synonym like "choose" or, in the 4-char
category, "pick". But my vote is still to keep grep as "grep".

I don't know that we have consensus, I was just trying to bring this thread in for a landing so I can write it up. As S29 stands now, there is a grep, and there is no classify. At least the latter needs to be fixed, per Damian pointing out lost history that I should have been on top of.

I'll wait on the removal of grep for any(@larry) to make a clear statement to that effect.

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