On 20 Sep 2006, at 18:41, Doug McNutt wrote:
I never thought about the potential for serious ambiguity in interpretation. The UNIX grep tool is really dissimilar considering that it uses a different regular expression syntax.

(perl grep doesn't have to be used with an RE of course)

I guess there's a fine line between renaming things in Perl 6 because it's possible and because it's desirable. Once you're off the leash of the old language there's a perceived obligation to give everything the name that best represents its purpose - but things inhabit the names they're given. "The Beatles" probably sounded like a really dumb name for a band once.

Is there a serious objection to letting it be? 'select' has POSIX and SQL meaning, 'where' has a SQL meaning, 'grep' has a Unix command connotation - but 'grep' has the benefit that it also has an existing perl connotation.

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