> It may be more useful to discuss this issue using less contrived
> examples. :)

I would agree.  I haven't had any use for a double "if" or a double "for".

The double "if" case is handled by "&&".  The double "for" case is handled 
by "for" and "map".

The interesting cases are combinations of "if" and "for" and "while" 
and "unless".

.say if cond($_) for =<>;

That one is sort of not necessary now that grep can be lazy.

.say for =<> if $read_the_rest;

Which can obviously be written in other ways using other constructs, but not 
without changing how the statement reads or changing what it emphasizes.

And as for Perl6 - well yes I'd love to see it get here more quickly also.  
But I don't think that discussing little nitpicks like this are delaying the 
release of Perl6.  Maybe they are - but I would guess there are more pressing 
issues that are occupying development time.


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