Aaron Sherman wrote:
Damian Conway wrote:

   @barĀ».foo if $baz;

That brought to mind the question that I've had for some time: how are exceptions going to work on hyper-operators?

Will they kill the hyperoperation in-progress? e.g. what will $i be:

Corrected example follows (there were supposed to be 10 elements):

    my $i = 0;
    class A { method inci() { die if $i++ > 5 } }
    my @aoa = map {A.new} 1..10;
    try { @aoa>>.inci; }
    say $i;

We now return you to your regularly scheduled question, already in progress:

Is it even possible to know, or is it entirely dependent on the implementation? And what do multiple, successive dies within the same try block do?

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