Damian Conway wrote:
> Delimited blocks are bounded by C<=begin> and C<=end> markers...
> ...Typenames that are entirely lowercase (for example: C<=begin
> head1>) or entirely uppercase (for example: C<=begin SYNOPSIS>)
> are reserved.

I'm not a great fan of this concept of "reservation" when there is no mechanism for its enforcement (and this is perl...). Typical programmers ignore it, just as they ignore similar reservations of the type "lower-case subroutine names are reserved".

If "use strict" will flag an error for their use, then perhaps "is reserved" would become "must be predeclared" (imported via =use). Then any module will be able to add its own typenames, without needing some distinguishing "this is a core module" trait to enable the typename. Reservation then simply becomes a note to module authors, not part of the language specification.

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